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Our Mission and What We Do

bad breath Dr. Dailley
When Dr. Dailley recognized that there were tens of millions of people around the world suffering from chronic halitosis and not able to receive relief, he made it his mission to learn what the causes of this condition were and to help people resolve it. After much education and research Dr. Dailley, in 1996, opened the Center for Breath Treatment clinic in downtown San Francisco. Since those early days Dr. Dailley has treated over 15,000 patients at The Center for Breath Treatment, and learned much about this frustrating and embarrassing problem. The clinic office is now located in Berkeley California across the bay from San Francisco. Our patients travel from all over the world and from all walks of life, and for many, seeing Dr. Dailley resulted in a life- changing event.

We have found that the majority of people seeking our help have suffered with chronic halitosis for many years, sometimes even decades. One common theme we have seen with all of our patients is that prior to seeing us they have never truly understood what the causes of their problem were, and they have often had a long history of experimenting with various treatments or remedies, whether these have been over-the-counter products, products sold online, or actual visits to a physician or dentist. Dr. Dailley found that the best way to resolve a halitosis condition is to understand what the causes are for that individual. This has proven to be the key to successfully resolving each patient?s breath problem. Once we understand the origins of the problem then we know what to direct our treatment towards. This is the focus of what we do at our center. This is usually accomplished in a matter of a few days for patients who live locally, but for those that travel long distances to see us Dr. Dailley has created an accelerated treatment that allows him to resolve their condition over a two-day period, even if they have had their condition for decades!

Although receiving treatment in our clinic will afford you the best opportunity at eliminating a halitosis condition, we do know that it is not feasible for everyone for everyone to come to our clinic. It is for this reason that Dr. Dailley developed the Home Treatment Programs on our web site. These home treatment programs provide the next best way to resolve a breath problem. Keep in mind that the scope of the home treatment programs are limited due to the fact that we cannot accurately diagnose a person?s condition without physically seeing them in our office, and we are limited in what we can make available to an individual through our Web Store. When physically seeing patients in our office there is much we will learn about their condition and this often vital to resolving to their problem.

Have you experienced any of the following?
  • Your chronic bad breath is interfering with your social or professional success.
  • You frequently have a bad taste in your mouth.
  • People step back from you when you are talking to them, or they avoid direct contact with you.
  • Somebody has commented on your bad breath, or offered you mints or chewing gum.
  • You experience a white or yellow film on your tongue.
If you answered yes to any of the above you there is a good chance you have a chronic bad breath problem and you may be seeking a way to cure your halitosis condition. The good news is that the Center for Breath Treatment has been successfully treating halitosis since 1996. We have treated more than 15,000 patients since 1996 with a 99% success rate! If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment call 1-888-373-7403.

For those that are unable to come to our center we do offer comprehensive home treatment programs through our web site to assist them in eliminating their bad breath. All our bad breath remedies and home treatment kits have proven track records of successfully treating bad breath. We intentionally do not produce or manufacture any of the products or medications we use in our treatments as this would be professionally unethical and deemed a conflict of interest. We only use and recommend products, medications, and treatment methods that have been proven effective based on sound independent clinical studies.

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