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Goodbreath Badbreathpills Eliminate bad breath from within
Good Breath™ Softgels
Our Price: $8.50

Good Breath™ Gelcaps
For the Garlic Lovers and Smokers

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! Eliminate food induced bad breath with Good Breath™ Gelcaps. These all natural revolutionary bad breath pills are designed to neutralize food odors such as garlic, onions, and spicy foods that can produce lingering offensive odors on one’s breath. Good Breath™ Gelcaps are even effective against smokers breath. Each Good Breath™ capsule has a liquid core that contains a proprietary natural blend of parsley seed oil and sunflower oil. Just 2-3 Gelcaps and good by garlic odors. Good Breath contains no sugar, starch, artificial flavors, preservatives, dairy, corn and is sodium and yeast free. Good breath goes directly to the source of these odors – the digestive system itself!

Finally, no more embarrassing moments when your date or mate avoids close contact with you after eating garlic or other offensive foods. Regular breath mints can only treat the surface of “yucky” breath odors and not their source.

Convenient Flip-Top Container of 60 softgels.

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