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Clear-ease Enzyme Tablets
Clear-ease Enzyme Tablets
Price: $18.00

Product Code: CBT-46

Clear-ease Enzyme Tablet- BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND
The Clear-ease formula of natural enzymes comes in precisely calibrated doses to help maintain a healthy respiratory system including nasal passages, throat, and sinuses. It is especially beneficial to those that experience sinus or nasal congestion, and post nasal drainage and is recommended by top Ear, Nose, and Throat physicians. Maintaining good respiratory health also allows you to clear your years in flight and during SCUBA diving, and keeps your voice performing in top condition. Clear-ease also maintains clear and healthy sinuses, and prevents snoring.

  • Thins mucous, soothes the throat, and clears the ears and sinuses
  • Reduces inflammation of the soft palate region, thus reducing or eliminating snoring
  • Thins mucous so you can maintain clear ears, sinuses, and throat
  • Reduces inflammation in the ears & sinuses and soothes the TMJ (temperomandibular joint)
  • Soothes the throat - great for singers, teachers, salespeople, and public speakers
  • Great fruit taste
Clear-ease is great for anyone who uses their voice professionally - salespeople, singers, teachers, public speakers, etc. Clear-ease also works very quickly.

Recommended Uses:

Good maintenance of the respiratory system is necessary for everyday health but it is especially helpful for clearing your ears in flight, as well as during SCUBA diving. Clear-ease helps maintain healthy upper respiratory function. Frequent fliers, pilots, and SCUBA divers all appreciate the benefits of Clear-ease.

Snoring is often caused by inflammation of the soft palate regions which in turn causes the soft palate at the back of the throat to flutter during sleep, thus causing the snoring sound. Clear-ease produces tremendous improvement or elimination of snoring problems.

Temperomandibular Joint Clear-ease helps maintain a healthy joint via it proteolytic enzyme action and reduced inflammation in the ears.

Singers and Public Speakers are always concerned about their voices. The smallest change can dramatically affect their ability to use their voice. Many singers and public speakers report very effective relief from the complaints associated with frequent use of their voice. Maintaining your throat in tip top condition with Clear-ease can help keep your voice in tip top condition at all times.

Flying can put serious pressure on your sinuses and ears. Ra[id pressure changes often times encountered while flying and SCUBA diving often cause discomfort. Clear-ease will help maintain healthy sinuses and ears during these activities.

Each bottle contains: 60 lozenges (Each lozenge contains 1 million FCCPU enzyme units of Bromelain and 1/2 million FCCPU units of Papain activity.)

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