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Your Visit to the Center for Breath Treatment
At the center we take a methodical and scientific approach to treating breath problems. Using a microbiological, a dental, and medical approach to each person's problem helps us to obtain outstanding results. The treatment at our clinic includes all appointments necessary to eliminate a halitosis condition, and any medications (including prescription medications) the doctor might recommend while you are receiving treatment in our clinic..

First Visit
On your first visit, which takes approximately an hour, the doctor will perform a comprehensive dental and medical history followed by an extensive interview. A thorough oral examination and dental x-rays, if necessary, will also be performed at this appointment. With the assistance of two state-of-the-art instruments called a Halimeter™ and a Periotemp™, we will determine the sources of the halitosis and the degree of its severity.

Dr. Dailley will complete his diagnosis and place you on a program specifically designed for you to eliminate the proliferation of bacteria and your halitosis condition. This treatment generally consists of:

  • The elimination of any chronic oral infections that can contribute to halitosis
  • Instructing you on specific home-care techniques
  • providing you with the appropriate pharmaceutical products as necessary
  • Eliminating activities or habits the patient may be doing that often contribute to bad breath conditions

Most patients require just two appointments to successfully eliminate their halitosis condition. At your follow-up visits we will closely monitor your progress by re-evaluating your breath with the Halimeter™ and the Periotemp™ devices. Further instructions, and/or demonstrations of prescribed techniques and the possible use of additional oral aids and pharmaceutical products, will be implemented if necessary.

Once your halitosis condition has been eliminated, we will instruct you, (via a specific home-care program), on how to prevent any further reoccurrence. Careful adherence to our home-care program will be important in your efforts at remaining free of halitosis. Most patients successfully complete their treatment by the end of their 2nd appointment.

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