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The Center for Breath Treatment

The Center for Breath Treatment has a successfully track record in treating patients suffering with halitosis or bad breath since 1996, and we have seen in excess of 15,000 patients in our clinic during that time. Our specialty is treating people suffering from bad breath conditions, and that is all we treat in our clinic. This has allowed us to focus our attentions solely to diagnosing and treating bad breath or halitosis problems.
We have found that the average length of time a person has had halitosis prior to seeking our help is about 15-20 years, but many have had it much longer. The reason for such a lengthy period is that in our experience we have found that patients rarely ever obtain an accurate diagnosis of their condition, and without understanding the causes of the bad breath problem it is very hard to know what causative factors you need to treat. We also find that the majority of people have been using ineffective products that often have inflated or false claims about the product's effectiveness.
None of the products we recommend to our patients are produced or manufactured by us. This is intentional. We do extensive clinical and laboratory testing on all products and only when a products passes our strict guidelines do we recommend it to patients. Not being a manufacturer of halitosis products allows us to maintain our objectivity when recommending products and medications to patients, and it provides our patients with the peace of mind that we are recommending what is truly best for them, thus preventing us from having any conflicts of interest. Unfortunately we see far too many people recommending products that they produce themselves, and as a result the claims being made about those products are very biased and often times not accurate.
At the Center for Breath Treatment (CBT) we have two modes of treating people suffering from chronic bad breath. The most effective and preferred method is to see patients in our clinic for treatment. The treatment usually takes a couple of appointments to resolve the individual's halitosis condition. By seeing us in person for treatment Dr. Dailley can accurately diagnose and treat the specific causes he finds to the problem. Like any health condition it is important to understand the specific causes of a malady, and when it comes to treating halitosis this is no different. The majority of patients seen in our clinic travel either out of state or out of the country to seek our help in treating their breath condition. Not everybody has the ability to travel the long distance to see us so Dr. Dailley has put together some home treatment programs that can be found on our web site. Because we always find multiple causes to a person's halitosis condition we generally recommend one of our comprehensive breath treatment kits because these will provide a more comprehensive or thorough treatment approach to treating the numerous causes we find with a people's breath problem. The breath treatment starter kit is a less expensive kit that is not as comprehensive in its scope of treatment and is designed for those on a tighter budget. Because so many patients have questions and have had difficulties in resolving their halitosis prior to receiving treatment from us Dr. Dailley always provides free ongoing e-mail or telephone consultations for those that need it.

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