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Hydrofloss Oral Irrigator & Accessories

The Hydro Floss machine and dental irrigator provides the ultimate dental health experience. The Hydrofloss oral irrigator applies cutting edge magnetohydrodynamics with traditional dental irrigator technology, making it near impossible for bacteria, tarter and various particles to adhere to the gum line, teeth and soft oral tissues by interrupting the ability of these materials to adhere to surfaces. The result is nearly a 50% reduction in bacteria and a 65% reduction in tartar build-up. This amazing Hydro Floss dental irrigator not only improves dental health but also significantly reduces halitosis symptoms..

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hydro floss dental irrigation system
Hydro FlossŪ Oral Irrigator
Price: $115.00

The Hydro Floss oral irrigator combines magnetohydrodynamics with the properties of an oral irrigator to prevent the adherence of bacteria, tarter, and particulate matter to the surfaces in the mouth. more info
Hydro Floss® Specialized Tips
Hydro FlossŪ Specialized Tips
Price: $17.00

Extra small diameter replacement tips for the Hydro FlossŪ machine. These are much more effective than the standard tips that come with the machine.
more info