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Sinus Bad Breath

Treating Post Nasal Drip and Seasonal Allergy Related Halitosis

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Post Nasal Drip and its Relationship to Halitosis

What is Pulsatile Sinus Irrigation and what does the Hydro-Pulse sinus irrigator do?

FAQs about Pulsatile Nasal Irrigation, Sinus and Sinus Problems

Do you sneeze seasonally or is it all year around? What causes allergies

Post-Nasal Drainage. What is it and what does it do?

Sinus Disease - What is it and what causes the condition?

Seasonal Allergies Can Be Prevented

Help for Morning Sinus Sneezing and Hacking

Pulsatile Nasal and Sinus Irrigation Found to Prevent Allergic Response

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Post nasal drip, seasonal allergies and other sinus issues are commonly found to be contributors of chronic halitosis. If you suffer from halitosis that is related to post nasal drainage or other sinus problems, treatments such as nasal irrigation with our special nasal wash can help to reduce or cure your bad breath symptoms. To learn more on treating sinus-related bad breath caused by post-nasal drip, please click on the links above.