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Best Products for Dry Mouth Treatment

For the past decade, The Center for Breath Treatment has been a pioneer in the scientific approach to dry mouth treatments and remedies. Chronic dry mouth, also known as Xerostomia, often arises as we grow older, and can also be a side effect of popular medications or smoking. After treating thousands of xerostomia patients in our San Francisco Bay Area clinic, The Center for Breath Treatment has compiled a collection of the most effective products for xerostomia treatment. Our choice of products is based upon our clinic experience with these products and the feedback we receive from thousands of patients who experience dry mouth problems. From SalivaSure Saliva Stimulating Tablets to Oramoist Time-Release Dry Mouth Discs, we feature products for xerostomia that are proven to work and reduce the uncomfortable secondary effects of dry mouth, including bad breath.

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BasicBites™ Chocolate Flavored Chews for Proper Oral pH Balance
Our Price: $39.95

120 sugar-free chocolate flavored chews/container

New Revolutionary Product! - BasicBites™ neutralizing chews counter the acidic pH changes that occur in the mouth due to a dry mouth condition, thus helping to prevent the overgrowth of halitosis casing bacteria. This new product also neutralizes the acids produced by tooth decay causing bacteria and prevents tooth decay from occurring.
SalivaSure® Saliva Stimulating Tablets
Price: $10.25

SalivaSure® provides refreshing citrus taste and instant relief from the discomforts of dryness of the mouth ...
salese lozenges
Salese™ with Xylitol Saliva Stimulating Lozenges
Price: $8.00

NEW REDUCED PRICE! Salese™ is a slow dissolving soft lozenge that delivers essential oils and other beneficial ingredients to reduce bacterial levels in the mouth and fight the symptoms of dry mouth... Now in two flavors- Original Peppermint and New Lemon flavor for those sensitive to mint flavoring.
Dentiva™ Bacteria Reducing Lozenges
Price: $8.00

Dentiva™ lozenges deliver essential oils and other active ingredients over an extended period of time to reduce the oral bacteria, especially the halitosis causing ones...
Mouth Kote Oral Moisturizer for Dry Mouth & Throat
Price: $20.00

Mouth Kote® is the first and only dry mouth product containing Yerba Santa (A natural plant material). Mouth Kote® helps relieve dry mouth conditions and eases the discomfort associated with xerostomia. Recommended by medical and dental professionals.
XyliMelts® Oral Discs for Dry Mouth
Price: $10.50

XyliMelts® is a revolutionary new long lasting oral disc that can adhere to the surfaces in your mouth and releases natural ingredients that increases saliva product for up to 4 hours. Even works while sleeping!