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Halitosis Treatments &
Home Remedies for Bad Breath

For the past decade, The Center for Breath Treatment has been a pioneer in the scientific approach to treating bad breath. After helping thousands of patients in our bay area clinic, we have compiled a collection of the most effective products and bad breath home remedies currently available. Our comprehensive halitosis treatment kits include everything you need to effectively treat the various contributing factors to chronic bad breath. If you can’t make it to our Halitoisis clinic, these bad breath home remedies are the next best approach to treating bad breath.

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oral irrigator
Comprehensive Breath Treatment Kit and Hydro Floss Oral irrigator
Price: $229.00

Comprehensive Breath Treatment Kit that Includes the Hydro Floss Oral irrigator ... more info
Comprehensive Treatment Kit and Hydro-Pulse sinus irrigator
Comprehensive Treatment Kit and Hydro-Pulse sinus irrigator
Price: $215.00

Comprehensive Treatment Kit Including the Hydro-Pulse sinus irrigator ... more info
Best Bad Breath Treatment
The Breath Treatment Starter Kit
Price: $75.00

New & Improved Breath Treatment Starter Kit, Includes the newest state of the art products for treating halitosis and step by step instructions to our breath treatment program.
more info
hydro floss dental irrigation system
Hydro Floss® Oral Irrigator
Price: $115.00

The Hydro Floss oral irrigator combines magnetohydrodynamics with the properties of an oral irrigator to prevent the adherence of bacteria, tarter, and particulate matter to the surfaces in the mouth. more info
Hydro Floss® Specialized Tips
Hydro Floss® Specialized Tips
Price: $17.00

Extra small diameter replacement tips for the Hydro Floss® machine. These are much more effective than the standard tips that come with the machine.
more info
Hydro-Pulse™ Sinus & Nasal Irrigation System
Hydro-Pulse™ Sinus & Nasal Irrigation System
Price: $98.00

The Hydro-Pulse™ Nasal & Sinus Irrigator utilizes a patented pulsating mechanism that breaks up mucous and biofilm in the nasal and sinus passages. It effectively treats sinusitis, post nasal drainage, and can treat and prevent  sinus infections. more info
Oxygene medicated tongue gel
Oxygene® Medicated Tongue Gel
Our Price: $17.50

New Product! - This medicated tongue gel neutralizes volatile sulfur gasses and offending bacteria that reside on the tongue
more info
Breathe Ease XL Saline Powder | Breath Ease XL Saline Powder
Breath-Ease XL Formulated Powdered Saline
Price: $19.50

Breath-Ease XL™ is a naturally formulated powdered saline mix for nasal moisturizing and sinus irrigation. It provides the proper salinity and pH for the nasal and sinus tissues, and prevents bacterial growth.
more info
CloSYS® Oral Spray
CloSYS® Oral Spray
Price: $6.00

NEW REDUCED PRICE! This compact medicated oral spray neutralizes volatile sulfur gasses and offending bacteria ... more info
Clear-ease Enzyme Tablets
Clear-ease Enzyme Tablets
Price: $18.00

Clear-ease™ naturally formulated enzyme tablet for reducing sinus, throat, and ear inflammation
more info