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Sonicare FlexCare 900+ Toothbrushes & Accessories

The Technology behind the best electric toothbrushes Sonic Toothbrushes

Ordinary manual toothbrushes merely scrub the surface plaque, and no matter how hard or how much you brush, you may still not be removing the plaque that lurks in hard-to-reach areas. Clinical tests have shown the best electric toothbrush, the Sonicare FlexCare 900+ Professional grade toothbrush, to be far superior to a manual toothbrush or the typical spin type of electric toothbrushes found in stores by removing nearly twice as much plaque between the teeth. These sonic toothbrushes differ because they clean with a combination of high speed (as much as 31,000 brush strokes per minute) and sonic wave action to give you an indescribable clean feeling. Laboratory studies have shown this technology actually removes bacteria 2-3 mm beyond the bristles without touching the plaque itself! This is very helpful in the prevention and treatment of gum disease becasue it can actually clean up to 3mm under the gum tiissue. Clinical studies have also shown sonic toothbrushes to remove over 80% of coffee, tea, and tobacco stains. You actually get whiter teeth! These types of devices are also very gentle on the gums and sensitive teeth. The end result is less tooth and gum abrasion (receding gums), and less sensitivity. With age it is natural to develop some gum recession, tooth abrasion, and root sensitivity, but when you use a sonic toothbrush you will dramatically reduce the incidences of these problems. Manual toothbrushes and "spin" type rotary electric toothbrush can often be the cause of these conditions, and because of this many dentists recommend the use of the sonic toothbrushes over manual toothbrushes or regular electric "spin" type electric toothbrushes. Patients suffering from receding gums and tooth sensitivities will benefit greatly from the sonic toothbrushes. Because of these technologies we have found the sonic toothbrush to be the most effective type of toothbrush for removing bacteria from the teeth and deep within the taste buds of the tongue where much of the bacteria responsible for bad breath resides.